5 Most Badass Film Heroines of 2012

2. Lily Collins as Snow White (Mirror Mirror)

While Snow White & The Huntsman was supposed to be the more action-y of this years two Snow White movies, it was the men that did most of the fighting while Kristen Stewart just sat to the side. Lily Collins€™ Snow, on the other hand, fought her own battles, kicking (flicking?) ass left and right with her trusty sword. Going completely against the classic version of the story, Snow White and Prince Alcott first meet with her saving him. A princess saving a prince, you say? Surely you jest. But as if that wasn€™t enough, the centerpiece of the second act is a swordfight between, you guessed it, Snow and Alcott. Not only can Snow hold her own with a sword, but she is a woman of ideals and principles. Unlike her vain, narcissistic, and beauty-obsessed step-mother, Snow takes up the cause of the people. She works to bring about change, lowering taxes and turning her land back into the joyous place it once was.
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