5 Movie Characters Who Probably Brought Death On Themselves

Ben Gardner Sometimes, movie characters have a death wish €“ if you€™re signing up to be a villainous henchman in Gotham City, chances are you€™re going to have a short life expectancy, and if you find yourself in a lakeside cabin with a group of teenage friends, telling ghost stories and having promiscuous sex, you€™re probably not long for this world. But what about those characters who just plain live dangerously? Whose life decisions and leisure time activities unwittingly place them in mortal peril, without their ever realising until it€™s just too late? Well, thanks to a new infographic released by Endsleigh, which you can see at the bottom of this article, we have a guide to which movie characters probably invited the Grim Reaper to take them a little too easily€

5. Curt €“ The Cabin In The Woods

CurtPlayed by: Chris Hemsworth He plays the jock, and likes promiscuous sex with his girlfriend (or at least that€™s how the Cabin team want it to be,) so it€™s not all that surprising that the Thor actor€™s character bites the dust, since we€™re talking about horror film clichés. But it isn€™t those clichés that killed him; it was his decision to get on a motorbike, which is easily the most dangerous way to transport. If only he€™d had a bus handy, he could have probably survived that fatal jump over the force-field-protected gourge.

4. The Entire CIA €“ Agent Cody Banks

Cody Banks CiaPlayed by: Lots of extras You have to question the validity of a government agency whose number one guy is a child, but then when you realise that the CIA in Cody Banks€™ world all travel around by Segway, Endsleigh€™s answer to the most dangerous possible hobby. They€™re asking for it. And they look ridiculous.

3. Gulliver €“ Gulliver€™s Travels

Gullivers TravelsPlayed by: Jack Black There€™s a theory that says that Gulliver perished in his disastrous trek to Bermuda in Jack Black€™s version of the legendary tale, and there€™s an even better one that says he should have, to stop the awful film from continuing beyond that point, and it wouldn€™t have been a shock if he had. Because the Bermuda Triangle is, somewhat unshockingly, the worst possible place you can go on holiday. So, maybe just stick to a caravan trip, or something.

2. Homer Simpson €“ The Simpsons

FuguPlayed by: Dan Castellano Not strictly in the Simpsons movie, but in one famous Simpson€™s episode, the lovable buffoon eats some Fugu €“ or blowfish €“ and believes he has been poisoned, thanks to the high risk of the fish€™s flesh being deadly, and the inexperienced hands of the chef. And though Homer ultimately survives after attempting to enjoy the Best Last Day Ever, it wouldn€™t have been too much of a revelation, since Fugu has been ruled the most dangerous food in the world.

1. Ben Gardner €“ Jaws

Ben GardnerPlayed by: Craig Kingsbury Poor Ben Gardner€™s card was marked well before Bruce sank his ship and ate his eye-ball (with ninja-like precision not associated with such a massive killing machine) and not simply by virtue of being in a small town with a big shark problem either. Because Gardner was a fisherman €“ the world€™s most dangerous profession. With any number of dangerous beasties under the sea, and now the new threat of Sharknadoes, it€™s no surprise the salty sea folk find themselves at high risk. Here's the infographic...
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