5 Movie Restaurants We Never Want To Eat At

Pulp Fiction Film and food have always gone hand in hand €“ and not in the Big Trouble in Little China themed Chinese restaurant kind of way, either. We mean the incredible, detailed dining locations that have become a cinematic set-piece. But then, we got thinking. Would you ever want to eat at one of these places? We€™re betting not. So, here€™s our list of 5 Movie Restaurants You€™d Never Want To Eat At.

5. Dorsia €“ American Psycho

American Psycho Look, it doesn€™t matter how good the food is. If Patrick Bateman is prepared to axe murder you over getting his reservation €“ it€™s probably not worth it. We never even get a glimpse inside, but it€™s safe to assume it€™s awash with all the glamour, debauchery and trust-fund bankers the 80s had to offer. Bet the portions are tiny.

4. Chotchkie€™s €“ Office Space

Office Space Hey amigo, fancy some shrimp poppers, pizza shooters or extreme fajitas? No, you don€™t. Nobody does. Not ever. And if that waiter makes another crack about having a case of the Mondays - well, maybe it€™s time to reconsider that workplace rampage. With all the fun and ambience of a shoe factory, Chotchkies is the kind of restaurant you find yourself trapped in by accident. Maybe you snuck in to use the bathroom, got intercepted by a waiter and were too embarrassed to say you didn€™t want anything. But hey, it might mean you meet your kung-fu adoring future soulmate. So - not all bad.

3. The Diner €“ Pulp Fiction

Pulp Fiction Can€™t a man just enjoy some breakfast without someone pointing a gun in his face? Not in the Pulp Fiction diner. Take a look at your lukewarm black coffee and think of all the things you could be eating. A Big Kahuna Burger from Big Kahuna Burger. A $5 shake from Jackrabbit Slim€™s served by Buddy Holly (psst - it€™s Steve Buscmi). But no, you€™re sucking down watery coffee in the midst of being mugged by Tim Roth and his angry girlfriend. We know which we€™d prefer.

2. The Cantina €“ Star Wars: A New Hope

Bars - Star Wars Pirates, smugglers, wookies and Jedi Knights. Hope you didn€™t plan on getting a spot at the bar anytime soon, these guys don€™t play well with others. And that idiot band€™s been playing that same song for six hours. It€™s probably wise to stick to bar snacks. Great. Now Han Solo€™s just shot a guy in the corner. Oh, hold on, maybe the other guy shot first.

1. Chez Quis €“ Ferris Bueller€™s Day Off

Ferris Bueller After months of planning, saving and panicked menu scrutinising €“ you get a table at Chez Quis, one of the swankiest and most impressive restaurants in Chicago. Then some upstart teen, his mopey friend and giggly sidekick jump the queue with a lie about being a sausage magnate. Ridiculous. Want to steer clear of these sociopaths, thieves and 1980s teenagers? Then we suggest a night in with some delicious food - after all, takeaways are an awful lot safer. P.S. If you fancy some money off on that takeaway, follow JUST EAT on Twitter for all kinds of discounts and competitions.
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