5 Movies That Were Undone By Their Own Plots

5 movies whose plots were their own ultimate undoing.

Ah, the plot. Sometimes misplaced, sometimes abused, and sometimes altogether forgotten. Why is it that sometimes the plot of a movie can be the absolute worst thing about it? We come to the cinema to find stories of sensationalism. We come for catharsis. We come for a multitude of reasons; but story and characters probably play the biggest role in our love for film. So, what about those movies that were abandoned by their premise, either right from the get-go or mid-movie? Here's a list that complies just five of them and begs the question, "Why, studios? Why the tricks?"

5. Push

Push starts off fairly innocently, insinuating that the plot is pretty much going to consist of an X-Men vs. X Files story. In fact, it feels like a novel right off the bat, giving us not just a multitude of characters, but defined "races" of characters in their abilities (pushers, bleeders, etc. etc.). It's a movie that thinks it's got a whole bunch of stories to tell by the time the credits are over, and it's a premise that is begging for a second chance. It feels as if the pitch of the movie to the studios took the direction of "But you can do whatever you want with these characters! There's hundreds of them out there! Think of the possibilities!" And, maybe, if the movie weren't so downright confusing in climax, it could have been pulled off. There is so much to work with, here, but the characters are so flat and uninteresting that you certainly wouldn't come back for seconds. Push is just another movie that bit off more than it could chew.
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