5 Movies You Always Watch When They Are On TV

forrest-gump-original Every night you find yourself flipping tiredly through the TV channels after a long day of work, school, house chores, and whatever else makes you reluctant to take a nice break on the couch in front of the flat screen. You make your way through the movie channels which ends up being nothing but titles you have never heard of and endless re-runs of That's My Boy. Then it hits you, the best movie might just be on that every day average network you flip past on occasion. You continue scrolling until you spot it. It's a classic, maybe your favorite movie of all time, perhaps you haven't seen it in a while, but most likely it finds its way onto your TV screen every time it airs. It might be the best movie ever made. Maybe it is the funniest movie ever made. Or perhaps it's the worst movie ever made, and the only reason you watch it so often on TV is the fact that you are too embarrassed to own it yourself. They make you happy, they make you laugh, and some are awe-inspiring. Here are the 5 movies you will always watch when they are on TV.

5. Titanic

Titanic This Leo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet led 194 minute drama is a favorite among networks, airing constantly- if not once a week. This James Cameron film was a marvel and technical achievement back in 1997 and was the highest grossing film of all time up until 2009. It was also generously awarded with 14 Academy Award nominations in which it took home 11, including Best Picture. And no matter how much you might rant-and-rave about how it is one of the worst movies to win an academy award, there is no doubt whenever it is on TV you are probably watching. You watch Titanic to see those incredible special effects. You watch for Leo and Kate's amazing chemistry. You watch because you are in the mood for a romantic drama. You watch because you are vaguely interested in history. You watch to see that guy bounce off the propeller. You watch to see Kate Winslet bare it all, but most likely you watch Titanic because your wife or girlfriend had the remote and this was the movie she chose for the night. Whatever the reason, whenever this movie is on TV you are watching. (Someone has to be watching, they wouldn't play it so often if it wasn't getting ratings, right?)

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