5 Obstacles We Can No Longer Accept In Horror Movies

Barrymore Scream I am a huge fan of horror movies, for anyone who is new to my articles. I'd watch them all, if I could, but there are twenty new horror movies made a day (or so it seems). It has been said that horror movies are the easiest to make with very slim budgets and I know, first hand, that this is pretty true. Of all the movies I have been a part of making (whether it be writing or acting or SFX make up), they have been of the horror genre. The reason I believe horror is so successful is because, above all other genres, the basic paradigm doesn't ever change. Yes, the endings have changed over time, good doesn't always triumph over evil, but there are still the plot points hitting at the right moments, the build up is just the same as it always was, and the climax is always on time. Along with the paradigm, though, horror movies have stuck to the same means of getting their characters to all of the plot points. This wouldn't normally be a problem if the times hadn't changed so much in the last thirty or so years. Horror movies also employ certain acts of cruelty that even the strongest of hearts can't overlook. There are just a few things about horror movies these days that audiences can no longer accept as viable options to further the story. Let me know whether or not you agree in the comments below and feel free to share the things about horror movies that you just cannot accept anymore!
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