5 Oddly Specific Movie Tropes Hollywood Is Obsessed With Right Now

If you don't open your movie with amateur smartphone footage, why bother?

Warner Bros/Sony Pictures Releasing

As sites like TV Tropes like to continually remind us, movies are full of weird clich├ęs, similarities and parallels.

Sometimes, these can be quite broad - a few years ago, it used to be common for comic-book movie villains to have similar or identical powers to the hero - but other times, they can be unusually, oddly, specific.

Remember that time when when virtually every big-budget movie featured a final battle centred around a bright blue sky beam? Or how about modern Star Wars movies exclusively casting British brunettes in their female leading roles? Tropes like this can be hard to notice while you're actually watching the movie, but if you take a (big) step back and assess everything you've watched lately, you might be able to spot a couple of peculiar trends forming for yourself.

And as you may have guessed, the movie industry has sported a couple of bizarre ones recently. They're probably pure coincidences, but curiously specific tropes like these do demonstrate how art can subtly influence those who are making it, even if they may not have noticed that themselves.


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