5 Massive Problems Facing Justice League Movie

How do you solve a problem like the JLA?

So, it€™s back: after years of silence surrounding the Justice League movie adaptation, it now seems pretty certain that Will Beall will soon deliver a script that this time we€™re likely to actually see hit the big screen in the not-too-distant future. Kick-Ass creator Mark Millar has given his support to the project, stating that from what he€™s heard this will be a €˜dark€™ interpretation of everyone€™s other favourite superhero team. Meanwhile, fans everywhere are probably eyeing up their key candidates for the DC heroes who will make up the team, with the de jure consensus being that it€™ll likely be the classic roster of Wonder Woman, Batman, Green Lantern, Superman, Aquaman, Green Lantern and Martian Manhunter. However, much as it seems that things can only keep getting better, as drafts are finalised and actors cast in the key roles, underneath all of the mounting anticipation and hype there lies a few potentially disastrous chinks in this film€™s Kryptonite-infused armour that could make it more of a Fantastic Four than an Avengers Assemble if the team at Warner Bros and DC Entertainment aren€™t careful. If the yet-to-be-revealed helm of Justice League wants the film to attain any kind of success, there are a few challenges he or she must be ready to face and overcome first€

5. The Dark Knight Rises... Again

There€™s no doubt that for superhero fans everywhere, Christopher Nolan€™s dark and grand Batman finale The Dark Knight Rises is one of their most anticipated films of the Summer blockbuster season. That€™s to the credit of the success that Batman Begins (2005) and The Dark Knight (2008) have met in the past, and it is truly fantastic to see a DC Entertainment movie franchise performing so strongly in box office rankings. That said, if DC and Beall are planning to essentially €˜reboot€™ the lore of Batman for their Justice League film, there may be an adverse reaction to shifting the tonal direction of the Dark Knight so soon after Nolan€™s interpretation concludes. Just look at Mark Webb€™s The Amazing Spider-Man; despite actually looking to be a genuinely unique and innovative take on the Webbed Wonder, this reboot of the Spider-Man franchise has been met with widely mixed reactions as a result of Andrew Garfield taking on the mantle not even half a decade after Tobey Maguire gave us his three entries. We€™re probably looking at a 2014 release at the earliest or 2015 at the latest (to meet Avengers 2) for Justice League, so fans of Batman would have had barely two or three years to come to terms with the end of one of his film incarnations. Whether this means Beall and the production team should recruit Christian Bale onto the project (unlikely, as Rises seems to be a definitive end to his version) or leave Batman out of the equation entirely is up to them, but either approach has drawbacks.

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