5 Reasons Everyone Loves Pixar


The story of Pixar is a unique one that dates back to the late 1970s. Originally, the core group of people (who would come to be known as Pixar) started out as the Graphics Group, initially hired to help with Lucasfilm productions. Then Steve Jobs bought them out (after having left Apple Computers) and the company would go on to make high-end computer hardware that mainly sold to wealthy companies. Problem is, their computers didn€™t sell all that well, so John Lasseter began to create animated demos that functioned more as promos of what their hardware could do.

One of these short films evolved into Toy Story, Pixar€™s first feature length film that was distributed by Disney (who happened to buy one of their high-end computers). At the time of release in, it was an enormous risk; 2D animated films - such as The Lion King and Aladdin - still ruled the box office. Thanks to all of the hard work from director John Lasseter and his band of screenwriters (which included Joss Whedon), Toy Story was a huge success and established a new way of making animated films.

Having ditched their computer manufacturing due to lackluster sales, Pixar was now a full-blown animation studio. Over the years, they have continuously put out critically acclaimed films that people adore the world over. But what makes them so special? Why does everyone continue to flock to their movies in droves? In honor of Pixar€™s latest release, Monsters University, let€™s take a look at what makes Pixar stand above the crowd.

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