5 Reasons Why Marvel Will Lose Big On Captain America: Civil War

It stands to be the biggest film of the series... but not the most profitable.

Marvel's Civil War comic series was nothing less than epic, including every major character in the Marvel Universe (including those who cannot legally appear in Marvel films and secondary and tertiary players.) It is a veritable "Who's who" of Marvel comics, and the outcomes of those books are still rippling into current story lines. Shockwaves burst out from flashpoints like the unmasking of Spider-Man, the deaths of Captain America, Goliath, and most of the New Warriors. To bring Civil War to the big screen is a massive undertaking: a pure adaptation would require multiple films, the acquisition of Fantastic Four and X-Men film rights from 20th Century Fox, and a Herculean budget to pull it all together. The Infinity Wars are a big deal, no doubt, but even they pale in comparison to the scope of Civil War. When rumour first broke of Civil War becoming part of the MCU, it was widely expected that it would follow Infinity War, and thus become the grand finale of Phase 3 or even Phase 4. But for Marvel and Disney, continuity with the comics is the least of their issues with Civil War. The bottom line is, well, the bottom line. Marvel/Disney need to have realistic expectations about what Civil War is likely to achieve. If this were an Avengers film or even Iron Man 4, a $1 billion worldwide box office could be expected... but here, it's not. While it will undoubtedly put butts on theatre seats, Marvel is actually at a real risk of losing big on Civil War...

George is the co-founder of Box Office Gold Productions. He is an actor, writer, CrossFit trainer and former WWE storyline writer. He currently resides in the birthplace of the zombie movie, Pittsburgh, PA.