5 Reasons To See Jurassic Park 3D

On the heel of Jurassic Park€™s 20th anniversary, the ground breaking dino-disaster flick has chomped its way back into theaters. My initial reaction this news? €œEh.€ It had been quite a long time since I€™d seen any of the films, and the sequels had tainted my memories of the original. And post-conversion 3D tends to be an expensive waste of time and money (Here€˜s looking at you Star Wars: Episode 1 3D).

But I€™m happy to say that not only is Jurassic Park€™s 3D completely immersive, but the movie has withstood the test of time in the best way a movie can - by reminding you of its old magic and throwing in some new magic to boot. The sets, the direction, the dinos, Jeff Goldblum - all of the elements that for years had been muted by television are now larger than life. What audiences felt in 1993 I have finally been able to experience firsthand. If there€™s any 3D movie re-release to see, this is the one. Here are 5 reasons why...

5. The Dinosaurs

jurassic park No discussion of Jurassic Park is complete without mentioning the ground breaking effects that went into the creation of the movie€™s dinos. Stan Winston€™s animatronics are top notch, creating animals that move their limbs, turn their heads, and even breathe - yes, breathe - with the authenticity of real life creatures. When Sam Neill lays on top of the sick Triceratops, riding up and down with the motion of his breath, he can€™t help but break out into a grin - and neither can we. Then there€™s the CGI; it was this movie that truly revolutionized special effects, forever moving miniatures and puppets into the realm of endangered species. CGI has been the dominant life form ever since, but the great thing about the CGI in Jurassic Park is that it isn€™t overused. It's blended with the animatronics to create just the right balance. A CGI shot of the T-Rex lumbering near the jeep is then matched with a close-up of his animatronic head roaring into the night. The reach of the Brachiosaur or the lightning speed of the Raptors are made all the more vivid with the level of detail built through both animatronics and CGI. Whether majestic or threatening, beautiful or terrifying, there have never been better looking dinosaurs.

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