5 Reasons Why Cinema Is Dying And Needs To Evolve (And 2 Ways It Could Do That Instantly)

Cinema has been on the ropes for a while but why is that & how can it change to meet modern times.

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There is a great deal written about the apparent ‘death of cinema’, which has been said to have been happening in some small way since the advent of television in the 50s. However, for over forty years after the aforementioned advent, cinema thrived and continued unabated - suggesting that these fears, while not entirely unwarranted, were unlikely to come to fruition any time soon.

Now though, in the past decade or so, the long-predicted demise of the movie-going experience may actually be closer than it has ever been, and cinema as a concept has reached a critical point in its existence.

So, like almost every art-form before it, cinema must find a way to evolve and find its new place in the modern world of streaming and video-on-demand or, risk becoming a niche remnant of an era long passed. And frankly, our lives would all be worse off without it, so here's to hoping it does the former

So, let’s look at some reasons why we reached this point, and two ways it can go forward from here.

7. Streaming Services

Deadpool Movie

It should be obvious, this one. A huge part of the reason why cinema is in the trouble it is in is because of the dawn of streaming services.

It’s strange to think that not all that long ago, Netflix was a company that delivered DVDs to your door. Fast forward about fifteen years later, and they are a billion-dollar production company that has one of the most attractive distribution models of any entertainment company in the world.

Watching a new release without the hassle of leaving your living room and without a bunch of strangers, who could be infected with anything these days, sitting around you is a mighty attractive option for anybody. As well as the fact that streaming services also have an extensive back catalogue of films and TV shows that you may wish to view at your leisure.

Over a hundred and ninety million people have Netflix accounts according to recent estimates, and that figure is only going up. Factoring in that many people share their accounts with two to three other people, we could be talking about over five hundred million people having access to a Netflix account.

Putting that figure into context, that’s one hundred and fifty million more people than live in the entire USA.

So, when you look at the ease and wanton expedience of modern times, of course it makes more sense to want to watch the latest releases in the safety or comfort of your own home.

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