5 Reasons Why Donald Glover Definitely Won't Play Miles Morales In Spider-Man: Homecoming

Sorry Troy.

Spider Man Donald Glover

Spider-Man: Homecoming is far and away my most eagerly anticipated upcoming MCU movie, and should be yours given the cast that Jon Watts (whose previous film Cop Car is a overlooked gem) has assembled; Tom Holland's already proven himself as Peter Parker, Marisa Tomei's neatly embraced the "Hot Aunt May" quips, and that Civil War pairing's getting joined by superhero vet Michael Keaton and a whole host of up-and-comers. It may the third reboot of the character since 2000, but it sure feels fresh and exciting.

The latest development is that Donald Glover has been cast, causing dependable speculation of who he's playing. There's a wide-range of options, from a villain supporting Keaton's Vulture to a teacher at Peter Parker's school, but one fan wish that just won't seem to die is that he'll be playing Miles Morales, the Afro-Puerto Rican Spider-Man who succeeded Parker in the Ultimate universe and has recently become the primo Spidey in the main new Marvel continuity.

That'd certainly be cool - Morales offers some really fresh storytelling opportunities and Glover is a solid actor - but, yeah, nope, that ain't going to happen. In fact, we're unlikely to see Miles for quite a while on the big screen at all. Here's five reasons why you really shouldn't be getting hype.


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