5 Reasons Why Idiocracy Is The Greatest Sci-Fi Film Ever

5. The Plot

Idiocracy 5 The plot is simple; take an average man of today (Luke Wilson) and put him 500 years in the future. In Judge's future world natural selection is indifferent towards intelligence. The world is inhabited by stupid people, mainly because they reproduce more than intelligent people. It's a number's game where stupidity reigns as is quickly explained in the first minutes of the film. The scale tips towards those of low intelligence and it's in this world that Luke Wilson and his fellow time traveler (Maya Rudolph as the prostitute with a heart of gold) find that they are the most intelligent people in the country. Waking up from a government experiment gone wrong in a mountain of garbage, Luke Wilson tries to find his way back to the past with the limited help of his court-appointed lawyer (Dax "I like money" Sheppard). He barely navigates his way through the many institutions (medical, judicial, democratic) that have de-evolved through centuries of 'dumbing' down. He may not be smart but in Idiocracy he is the smartest man in the world, which leads him to become a special adviser to the President of the United States; Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho.
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