5 Reasons Why Twilight Saga Should Get Reboot

Five reasons why a reboot of The Twilight Saga could be a good thing. No, seriously. It COULD be a good thing.

Welcome to the worlds most ambitisiously titled article in history, in which us here at WhatCulture will try to do the impossible and convince you that anything other than this franchise being slid coldly into the ground dead is a good thing. This article follows a series of distressing rumours that Twilight, the perplexingly successful teen franchise, could be rebooted following the final installments' release this winter. Cue lots of screaming and end of the world talk. So I€™m here to pitch 5 points why a reboot of The Twilight Saga could be a good thing. No, seriously. It COULD be a good thing. So here are my 5 changes and 5 key players that could help a reboot of this film be viable in a way which isn€™t just financial.

1. Lose Sense of Self importance

Melodramatic is a modest term when trying to best describe the tone of the Twilight films, despite the fact discovering her boyfriend has super strength and super speed which sounds like a sure-fire way to improve your commute times. These films handle it like it is the dawning of the apocalypse about to happen on the main characters face. Granted the notion of having a boyfriend who could murder and harvest your blood for a sugary afternoon snack, whilst your very presence will herald an army of likeminded individuals to come assault you, just MAY be a little bit of a drawback. They€™re still young, they€™re still free, and if they avoid ticking people off they would be living in a pretty good scenario with a partner who can scale trees. I€™m not suggesting an overhaul of the plot, but a calmer attitude to the fact they live in a world with famine, cancer and Justin Bieber which makes their issues a hell of a lot smaller in comparison will help. Key Players...Screenwriters: Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogen already turned normal teenhood in to an enjoyable, laugh a minute romp with Superbad. They would be perfect for sucking the self-important sense of needless teenage angst out of Twilight and replacing it with some well meaning reality checks.

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