5 Reasons Why You Must See Elysium

Elysium The long awaited sci-fi summer blockbuster Elysium is finally here. Elysium sees Matt Damon fed up with Earth as a slum and infiltrating the impregnable flourishing city in space to save his own life and restore economical balance to the world. As someone who saw it on opening night I was thrilled and ecstatic that it mostly met my expectations. It is graphically violent and stunning to look at beholding an intriguing story. Since Elysium met these high expectations, I felt obligated to share why I loved it so much so without further ado, here are 5 reasons why you must check out one of the best blockbusters of the summer. Fair warning though as point number 2 discusses the ending, I suggest skipping that block until you see the film.

5. Neill Blomkamp

neill-blomkamp-at-event-of-elysium At 30 years of age, young and talented science fiction writer/director Neill Blomkamp stomped onto the scene with the Oscar nominated District 9. District 9 was a long and forgotten breed of science fiction returning to a more story driven style. The film dealt with and handled themes of alien exploitation and their social segregation confining them to live amongst themselves in a slum. If you have not seen it I suggest doing so as its arguably the best science fiction film in years brilliantly heading down a more intellectually stimulating route. Elysium is a film with those same admirable intentions although admittedly with much more action. Neill Blompkamp returns to his fascination of social segregation, this time presenting all of Earth as a wasteland ridden with disease and overpopulation. Meanwhile, the rich and the famous live on Elysium, a city in space containing everything you could ever need including medical pods that instantly cure any disease. Elysium may not fully realize its ambitions to the height of District 9 and often swaps those scenarios for big budget action but the intelligence is still present. As a Hollywood blockbuster it€™s a masterpiece and another hit for one of Hollywood€™s youngest, most ambitious, and brightest writer and director.

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