5 Refreshingly Strong Female Characters in Tony Scott Films

In the same vein as his brother Ridley, Tony Scott was a feminist and crafted some of the big screen's strongest female role models.

Tony Scott was a great director with a knack for discovering talent and was an amazing visual designer. He was also a feminist. In the same vein as his brother Ridley who in Alien€™s Ripley created one of the screen's greatest ever heroines, Tony Scott was about more than just explosions and soldiers playing beach volley. While he filmed the military, guns and explosions like only Michael Bay can, Tony Scott also gave women 5 strong roles to look up to:

5. Nicole Kidman in Days of Thunder

Despite this being the film where Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman met, this is also the action/drama where the Australian beauty showed that she could actually hold her own against a Hollywood mega-star such. Indeed, Dr. Claire Lewicki was a star-making role for Nicole Kidman. Not only did she play a strong-willed doctor, she played a strong-willed doctor that did not like to be taken lightly (and mixed up with a stripper!), one whose diagnostic and recommendations should be listened to. She doesn€™t play the damsel-in-distress, nor the damsel-to-be-impressed by Cruise€™s driving antics. She plays a strong character with her own opinions and career choices and was a breath of fresh air for early 90's cinema.
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