5 Romantic Comedies All Guys Should Secretly Love


Romantic comedy. Rom-com. RC. No matter how many times you try to shorten the phrase, the genre doesn't disappear. In fact it continues to thrive. In the world of the romantic comedy there seems to be no shortage of incredibly attractive, yet deeply insecure and desperate women. There's also a plethora of ruggedly handsome, intelligent men who despite their strong exterior often prove to be vulnerable, squishy, misguided souls.

They tend to be set in alternative worlds where things such as status, money and men with bad hair don't really exist, or aren't important if they do. It's a nice way to view the world, but for the vast majority of people it does nothing but create an unrealistic set of expectations and ultimately leads to disappointment when women realise that Jude Law isn't going to suddenly appear and whisk them away to a snow covered cottage, and that they actually have to settle for the podgy, balding lump sitting beside them and hogging all the popcorn.

It seems to be difficult to find a romantic comedy with universal appeal, as they're so cynically promoted and advertised that only a specific type of person would ever want to go and see them. For that reason, I've undertaken some totally in-depth psychoanalytical research into a few of the more popular rom-coms and, using top secret methods, managed to extrapolate some interesting hidden messages and meanings* which should make them more appealing to a wider section of society.

So the next time your partner suggests that you get all snuggly-wuggly and comfy-womfy on the couchy-wouchy and watch a romantic movie-wovie, I'd recommend one of the following five selections. There are probably some spoilers in here.

The Top 5 Romantic Comedies All Guys Should Secretly Love...

*Possibly made up.


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