5 Screenwriters That Ended Up Hating Their Own Movies

Work your ass off to complete a screenplay you love. Sell screenplay. End up hating screenplay and everybody associated with it. Ladies and gentlemen: the life of a Hollywood screenwriter.

The notion of being a screenwriter in Hollywood is tough. Unlike a novelist, your written work is bought and then rewritten, poked, prodded, etc. until you may not even recognize the final product. Most screenwriters accept these negatives aspects as part of the gig. However, there are some that attempt to fight the good fight, standing tall against the Hollywood machine who attempt to mute their artistic voices. And some screenwriters go so far as to practically disown the movies made of their work and blatantly state their hatred for these adaptations in interviews. While a screenwriter may be the low man on the totem pole in the chain of command within Hollywood's power structure, they are the ones with the strongest and loudest voices, honed from years of slaving away behind a computer, perfecting the essence of language. Here are 5 writers that hated the movies that were spawned by their scripts, then...

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