5 Sleaziest Seductions In James Bond Films

"License To Kill"? More like "License To Be Really, Really Creepy Towards Women." Oh, James.

There are certain things that Bond, James Bond is renowned for. He kills bad guys, drinks Martinis, drives fast cars, and yes, he sleeps with lots of women. That's right: sometimes for Queen and country, Bond will have to get between the sheets... and over the past 50 years and 22 official movies, he's been with some 50 or so women. Sometimes it's a fling, other times it's the embrace of old lover. Occasionally, it's the nasty trick of a femme fatale. No matter what, Bond is sure to get some love because - as we know - he is always such a gentleman. But is he really? After such an extensive amount of beddings, there are bound to be a couple times when Bond isn't quite being a man of honorable conduct, right? Here's a look at the top 5 sleaziest James Bond seductions to have occurred across the length of his vast filmography thus far...

5. Bond Sleeps With Miss Anders (After Stuffing Mary Goodnight In The Closet) - The Man With The Golden Gun

Bond is not alone in his mission to track down the evil assassin, Francisco Scaramanga. Mary Goodnight, a local MI6 staffer, is there every step of the way and just happens to have a mega-crush on Bond. One night, Bond returns to their hotel room to find her waiting in a nightie. Things starts to pick up, but their smooching is broken up by someone else coming through the door. That someone turns out to Ms. Anders, Scaramanga's girlfriend. Goodnight is covered up with blankets, and sitting beside her, Bond and Anders converse about how she wants to escape Scaramanga, and how she wants him to save her. She'll pay anything, she says, even letting him "have her" if he wants. He's more interested in Scaramanga's goings-on, but this doesn't stop her from wanting to slip into something more comfortable. As Anders changes in the bathroom, Bond rustles Goodnight from the bedsheets and stuffs her in the closet. Anders comes back wearing a robe (which is quickly removed). When the closet is opened again, Goodnight is asleep in the standing position. Upon asking what time it is, she figures out she's been in there for two hours. While the seduction of Ms. Anders is perhaps a part of the job, stuffing your partner - and one you were just about to sleep with - in the closet seems a little inconsiderate. Man, what a jerk.

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