5 Villains To Avoid Using In Future Batman Movies

3. Humpty Dumpty

Dc Humpty Dumpty Humpty Dumpty AKA Humphry Dumpler (sigh) is pathetic. As a man, he is essentially harmless. He's portly with a head that resembles an egg - making him another one of those typical characters whose given name is oh so conveniently appropriate to the way he turned out. He's not evil, he's not sadistic and nor is he malevolent - in fact, he's a friendly and kind-natured man, who has suffered terribly with bad luck in life, whose irresponsible determination and compulsion to take apart and reassemble malfunctioning machinery (or even fully functional machinery, if there's nothing broken laying around) usually leads to disaster and this is what brought him to Batman's attention and makes him dangerous enough to incarcerate. It would be completely pointless to use him in a movie - he's not a threat to Batman and his theme is too silly to pull off on the big screen. Another one to keep in the comics (or, ideally, scrap entirely).
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