5 Villains We'd Love to See in The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Who should over favourite web-slinger face off against in the hopefully more creative sequel?

With the early financial success of The Amazing Spider-Man showing that comic book fans really are willing to see a favourite character rebooted so quickly on our screens, Sony have already greenlit a sequel that will be coming our way in May, 2014. That means pre-production will be kicking in almost straight away on The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and casting should be all but sewn up by the end of the year. So inevitably the one thing everyone wants to know is who the next villain will be? Not only that but who will be the face Spidey's next dastardly foe? Rhys Ifans' Lizard is a tough act to follow, but Spider-Man has a fantastic rogues gallery to choose from. Let€™s just remember what we learned from Spider-Man 3: stick to just one villain at a time.

1. The Vulture

Long thought to be the main villain of choice for Sam Raimi's scrapped Spider-Man 4, The Vulture is still at the top of many fans€™ wish lists for a big screen outing. Breathtaking possibilities of aerial battles and a wicked storyline make the Vulture seem like a pretty clear choice for the sequel. In the comics, elderly Adrian Toomes, an inventor who created a working flight suit, became the Vulture after being betrayed by his business partner. He also later developed the ability to suck people's life forces, granting him temporary youth. That ability in particular would fit perfectly into the goals of the OsCorp in the new film. Toomes could be an OsCorp employee also tasked with saving Norman Osborn's life. Disgruntled that his work in human flight is being ignored, he decides to combine his inventions to grant himself new youth and wealth. The character's desire to regain his youth would contrast perfectly with Peter Parker€™s growing up and entering the world of adulthood. Even better, Lizard + Vulture = Green Goblin? Suggested Actor: Christopher Heyerdahl While the talented John Malkovich was previously cast for the role in Spider-Man 4 before Sony got nervous over the use of the character, Heyerdahl seems to be an even better choice. In addition to looking great bald, Heyerdahl has a great knack for action and could probably play both the young and old Toomes with some strategic make-up. He Or, if the producers decide to go with two actors, Smallville's Lex Luthor Michael Rosenbaum would make a great younger Toomes. Click "next" to read the next entry...

David Molofsky is the creator and author of the Superhero Film Blog APlaceToHangYourCape.com.