5 Villains Who’d Have To Be In A ThunderCats Movie

Slithe A ThunderCats movie has long been rumoured and it's something that kids of the 1980s would absolutely love to see. The plight of Lion-O, Panthro, Cheetara and Tygra et al is an interesting and eventful one - and it's one that attempts to update the series on television have failed to truly capture in the same way as the classic series. Of course, like any good fantasy movie, there would have to be a strong antagonist presence. The ThunderCats have gone up against countless villains across various media sources, but there is only a small contingent who would absolutely have to appear should a movie be made. In this article, that's exactly what we'll be looking in to; Here are five villains who would have to be in a ThunderCats movie (if one is ever produced)...

5. Grune

Grune If there's one "outsider" choice who I believe should definitely be included on the villain roster in a ThunderCats movie, it's Grune. Grune is an integral part of the ThunderCats' history and, in particular, Panthro's - he was his best friend. He was a ThunderCat himself and, alongside Panthro, was the general in command of the armies of Thundera - the planet from which the ThunderCats originally hail. However, after many years of peace, Grune began to hunger for battle and power. He started to believe that the Thunderians were unworthy of the service and protection of the ThunderCats and sought to rule them as a God. He attempted to overthrow the Thunderian military and faced the wrath of Jaga, the then Lord of the ThunderCats, as a result. The two fought for hours and Grune was ultimately defeated. Using the Sword of Omens, Jaga encased Grune in a cage and banished him into space. Grune eventually found Third Earth - the planet that would become the ThunderCats' home after Thundera's destruction - and he looted and dispensed terror across the planet, earning himself the name "Grune the Destroyer". He was eventually captured and sealed in a tomb by the Bolkins, where he remained for centuries. After the ThunderCats' arrival on Third Earth, he was accidentally released from him tomb. He soon found the ThunderCats' Lair and drained all of the Thundrillium (a powerful element) and grew to a giant size. He finds more Thundrillium, forges a mace from it, and becomes a massive threat to the ThunderCats. It would be this aspect of the story that would be great in a movie - a giant live action Grune would be fantastic.
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