5 War Movies That Real Veterans Hated (And 5 They Approve Of)

The 5 They Approve Of:

5. Black Hawk Down

2001's Black Hawk Down is another war film that is held in generally high regard, but this time it succeeded in gaining the approval of those who have seen such action for real. Showing that a war film can in fact be both exciting and realistic, Ridley Scott brought the heightened sensory experience of combat to the screen, while keeping the characters human. They're heroes, that's for sure, but not superheroes. They're real men. For authenticity, Scott sent his cast on a series of crash military courses to familiarise them with their roles. It paid off, according to the veterans. Dan Ryan praised the film, saying, "that's a film that represents my generation of warfare, and it all seemed very familiar. The uniforms were right, the way soldiers talked and acted was right, the weapons were right." The timing of Black Hawk Down's release coincided with the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Centre. With a generation of young men eager to fight back for their country, the film displayed the raw thrill of combat, leaving many of those who saw it with a desire to become an Army Ranger.

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