5 Ways Ridley Scott Is The New George Lucas

4. General Egotism

Ridley Scott George Lucas
Columbia Pictures

There are numerous theories as to what reason George Lucas has for withholding a home release of the original Star Wars trilogy. They range from the alteration of the original negative, internal spite for his fandom, and his ex-wife still having partial stake in the films.

Lucas’ own argument seems that it’s strictly for the sake of his creative integrity. Having a vision is fine, but that shouldn’t stop multiple versions of a film from co-existing. The forced hindrance upon the Star Wars trilogy is arguably detrimental to film culture, and ultimately just kind of selfish.

Ridley Scott could also be considered self-centred in his ideas. While there are conflicting reports, some allege he had a hand in halting Neill Blomkamp’s Alien 5 for the sake of continuing his prequel series without the attention being stolen.

Also, a point of contention surrounding Blade Runner is Scott’s forceful insistence that Harrison Ford’s character, Deckard, is a replicant. This is an idea that is generally preferred unexplored, and apparently caused some heated altercations between Ford and Scott during development of the sequel. In one recent interview (to IGN) in fact, he warns the naysayers to not question his creative judgment, emphasising that he’ll “be the best f**king judge of that… It’s what it’s gonna be”.

Like any artist, Scott has a right to create how he likes, but a little modesty suits everyone.


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