5 Ways To Save Pixar From Its Recent Slump


There was once a time when Pixar was the undisputed king of the animation world, and no one would ever have tried to make the argument that any other animation studio (except for maybe Disney in its glory days) could even be compared to it. But that day has sadly long past and because of this I was even inspired myself a couple of months back to write an article trying to determine which animations studio, Dreamworks or Pixar, is still on top. Although Pixar still just about beat out Dreamworks in this comparison, it was a lot closer than I ever would have believed it would be even three years ago. Since I first watched Toy Story in the cinema when I was 5 years old I was blown away, and since then I have watched Pixar rise from strength to strength, making great movie after great movie. People used to say Pixar could never make a bad movie. People used to say Pixar hit a home run every single time. Hell, up until the epic fail that was Cars 2 people were still saying this about the animation giant but I would argue, as I am sure many many people would argue with me that this statement has been invalid ever since the first Cars movie hit the cinema screens. Perhaps controversially, I would even go as far to say that since Pixar made Cars (which I enjoyed by the way... just not to the level I enjoyed Pixar films previously) Pixar seriously began to run out of steam, and slowly begin to run out of good ideas. Though Wall-E and Up are truly great films, I personally wouldn't place them in my top 5 Pixar movies, and although Toy Story 3 is one of Pixar's best films, let's not forget that it is a sequel of arguably Pixar's two greatest movies. The other three films, Ratatouille, Brave, but particularly Cars 2 haven't been even close to classic Pixar, and I would go as far as to say that Cars 2 is one of the worst animated films I have ever seen. I guess the best word to use when describing Pixar's last 6 years of movie making is INCONSISTENT, and up until 2006 Pixar was never inconsistent... it was probably the most dependable movie studio the world has ever seen. As a huge fan of Pixar (Pixar inspired my first article for WhatCulture and was perhaps the sole reason I decided to try to break in to the movie making world) I don't want it to fade away into mediocrity, so because of this I have compiled a list of 5 easy to follow suggestions that can help Pixar become the giant it once was and could still be today.
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