50 Greatest Animated Movies Of All Time

Totoro 1 The animated feature film has compelled and fascinated audiences for almost a hundred years, providing beautifully crafted pieces of entertainment that can transport a viewer into another world. From its origins in short cartoons to the blockbusters of contemporary Hollywood cinema, animation has developed significantly since the early days of painstaking frame by frame production, transcending its humble origins as mere children's entertainment. The introduction of computer generated animation in the '90s pushed the boundaries of hand-drawn animation even further, with the possibilities today seeming somewhat endless with regards to the medium. Within this list, they are many techniques that offer differing ways of producing the final image in an animated movie; such is the artistry behind each respective film. The beauty of animation is that the scope of an artist's imagination is genuinely limitless. For the purpose of this list, I will be trying to give an impression as to why a certain film deserves its place, whether it be that the film has a beautiful aesthetic, a compelling narrative or - as in most cases - both these things. A successful animated film can transcend what we perceive as real, allowing us to connect deeply with characters no matter how arbitrary the item and transport us into their world, their emotions, their dangers and ultimately their goals. The 50 films I shall be showcasing represent what I perceive to be the best that animation has to offer; while naturally some of my choices may fuel contentiousness I hope a lively discussion to take place down in the comments section. So without further ado, let me present to you the 50 greatest animated movies of all time...
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