50 Greatest James Bond Moments Of All Time

25 films. So many great scenes.

The Spy Who Loved Me
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Is there any other franchise that's given viewers a wider variety of incredible, unforgettable movie moments than the James Bond series? To be honest, probably not.

Of course, the Bond films vary a bit in terms of quality but thanks to all the imagination, craft and cinematic verve that's gone into this franchise over the years every single one of the films contains at least one great scene. Yes, even Die Another Day has a fantastic scene lurking in there.

So, what are the best scenes in James Bond history? Well, one is spoiled for choice when compiling the best Bond movie moments but nonetheless, the following fifty scenes come out on top as arguably the best this franchise has to offer.

From awe-inspiring action scenes to hilarious gags, from bad-ass kills to (believe it or not) moving human drama, these are the top 50 James Bond movie moments to date. Can you guess what number one is?

50. Dr No: "Bond... James Bond"

The Spy Who Loved Me

Sylvia Trench (Eunice Gayson) is playing Baccarat at a London club. A suited man is seated across from her. She remarks that she'll need another thousand for the game.

The man says "I admire your courage, Miss..."

"Trench. Sylvia Trench." She replies. "I admire your luck, Mr..."

"Bond. James Bond." Bond (Sean Connery) replies as we see him on camera for the first time and John Barry's iconic theme begins to play.

Audiences at the time might not have known it, but this scene is the birth of a cinematic legend with few, if any, equals. It's hard to even think of this scene without getting the chills.


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