50 Greatest Movie Scenes Of All Time

2. The Searchers - End Scene

As with the earlier scene mentioned, the end scene in The Searchers is a great examination of John Wayne€™s character Ethan Edwards. In this scene, we see Debbie being taken inside by loving friends. The camera is placed insight the house, looking out at Ethan as he turns his back and walks away, with the door eventually closing. What makes the scene such a great one is the way it presents Wayne's Ethan; after finding Debbie, you€™d have thought he€™d be happy, but that is not the case€and unfortunately we know why. But I think it goes deeper than the fact that she lived like a Native American for so long. I don€™t even think it€™s about the possibility of her being his daughter. I just think Ethan is something unreadable, something no-one can truly understand. And that is what makes it so great.
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