50 Reasons Why We Love Pixar

6. The Quotes

"If I didn't promise Mother on her deathbed that I wouldn't kill you...I'd kill you!" - Hopper, A Bug's Life

7. Going Above and Beyond

During the filming of Finding Nemo, Pixar decided, in a moment of extreme dedication that Nemo's creators had to have actual experience underwater, in order to be able to authentically create an immersive and believable underwater world. The man who they approached was Scuba Schools' director Craig Gillespie, who somewhat understandably counts himself a lucky chap to have had the experience. That's dedication for you.

8. The opening montage of UP

This beautifully realised film within a film breaks your heart twice. And this is in the first ten minutes of the film. Some say cruel, I say genius. And yes, it still makes me cry every time. http://youtu.be/GroDErHIM_0

9. Their "worst" film is still better than 90% of animations

Cars may be considered a self-indulgent experience, without much merit in comparison to the other Pixars (not in my eyes), but it is still a million miles away from the dross that has been released since Pixar opened the market up for animators. Think A Turtle's Tale, or the Open Season sequels. See, it's not even fair to consider them together.

10. The Characters: Luxo Jr

The irresistibly charming lamp may not be widely considered one of the Pixar greats, but there is a good reason why he features as part of the studio's logo, and has pride of place outside the studio's home. The short was after all the start of everything the animation giants now produce, and was the perfect early indication of how Pixar's dedication to simple story-telling and characterisation could make something as traditionally mundane as an office lamp come to life so well. A true icon.

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