51 Reasons Why Gremlins Just Might Be The Greatest Film Of All Time...

As if it was ever in doubt!

Something is not right. There has been a great injustice hanging over WhatCulture.com. Some time ago, a bold claim was made a few months back, and it's time to offer a response... It was probably the greatest article in the early history of Obsessed With Film, as the site was known back then, judging by the frightening amount of traffic it attracted, and the passionate comments you posted in response, but was Tom Fallow's 50 Reasons Why Ghostbusters Just Might Be The Greatest Film Of All Time... And One Reason Why Maybe It Isnt anything more than spurious hyperbole? Obviously, anyone who knows anything about this site is that our signature film is in fact Gremlins, and while diversity has its place in criticism, lines must be drawn. So, without further ado, here goes... 51. Gizmo: Has vanquishing evil ever been cuter? gizmo 50. The Three Simple Rules: We all love rules in films- the First rule of Fight Club; the Never Cross the Streams rule; the rules governing proximity and contact with an alternate version of oneself in a different timezone- but the three most recognisable on-screen rules in the history of movie-making are those that relate to the proper care of Mogwai. Everyone knows them: stop a random person in the street and ask, I guarantee they'll know. 49. The Music: There isn't an insanely catchy theme tune, granted, but not even the majesty of Ray Parker Junior's legendary tune could compete with Jerry Goldsmith's perfect score, marrying the zany circus of the Gremlins with horror-flick undertones- he created the definitive horror/comedy score in the process. And Gizmo's song- also written by Goldsmith- beats video cameos by Chevy Chase any day of the week. 48. Quotable Genius: Right, so Ghostbusters has its own particular brand of zinging wit (few films could compete with the serious comedy talent on show after all), but Gremlins pushes its own brand of humour (less witherng sarcasm, more inclusive mirth), and features some excellent exchanges between characters (especially more minor ones, who seem to exist solely to offer humourous relief).
Deputy Brent: Let me drive. Sheriff Frank: No, you're drunk. Deputy Brent: You always get to drive. Sheriff Frank: That's cause I'm the sheriff, asshole.
47. Chris Columbus: He may be responsible for some of the worst releases of the past few years as producer or director- Christmas With The Kranks for instance- but in the early days he had a truly magic touch, writing The Goonies and of course Gremlins, before directing the epic Home Alone 1 & 2 and Mrs Doubtfire. In short, for a while there, he was the family film-maker of choice.

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