52 Reasons Why Jurassic Park Might Just Be the Greatest Film of all Time

6. "Customs can even check it if they want to."

The weird laugh... For years I assumed it was a noise made by the modified aerosol can. However, many years ago a friend and I once put the DVD soundtrack into German where we discovered the high-pitched squeal was absent, confirming it originated from Mr. Knight.

7. "Hold onto your butts."

"I've had it with these mother****ing dinosaurs on this motherf****ing island...." A year before his role in Tarantino's Pulp Fiction convinced the world he was a form of liquid cool, sending him on a spiralling descent towards self-parody, Samuel L. Jackson played balding, middle-aged, white collar office worker John Arnold in Jurassic Park. He doesn't really have a lot to do, but he does a few memorable lines ("God damn it! I hate this hacker crap!" and "I can't get Jurassic Park back online!"). He also smokes his cigarette like a bad-ass.

8. "Aggressive living things..."

Arguments that mean nothing and make no sense...The screenplay, whilst loaded with quotables, is also full of some very funny but completely preposterous arguments. In one scene park creator John Hammond (Richard Attenborough) declares that he's against killing off his dinosaurs ("out of the question!") before reacting angrily when one of his staff simply explains how they could kill them off (saying that without lysine the animals "slip into a coma and die"), barking self-righteously "people are dying!", implying that he's now all for killing them off. In another, earlier, scene, Dr. Alan Grant (Sam Neill) implies that a dinosaur's man-given name is proof of his controversial scientific theory: "even the word raptor means bird of prey." Another gem, my personal favourite, finds Dr. Ellie Sattler (Laura Dern) making this bizarre comparison between dinosaurs and plants, in which she puts violent animal behaviour down to poor time-keeping:
"You have plants right here in this building, for example, that are poisonous. You picked them because they look good, but these are aggressive living things that have no idea what century they're living in and will defend themselves. Violently, if necessary."

9. "You bred raptors?!"

Let's invent a cool dinosaur...The above skeleton belonged to a real life velociraptor - a small feathered creature that lived as a scavenger in the Cretaceous period. The below image is the more familiar, much cooler, version of this pre-historic beast terrorising a child: The invention of the filmmakers, this dinosaur has entered the pop-culture to become as famous as t-rex, appearing in video games, TV shows and subsequent movies.

10. "When dinosaurs ruled the earth"

What... an... ending... When a rehabilitated t-rex comes to the rescue at the end of the movie, catching a rapor mid-air in its jaws and saving all the boring humans, it's easily the most fist-pumping, "f*** yeah!" moment in cinema history. Especially as the banner falls down, confirming how awesome dinosaurs were/are.

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