6 Aborted Superman Movies You Almost Got To See

From Superman Lives to George Miller's Justice League Mortal.

The Batman v Superman hype train is rolling in faster than a speeding bullet as what is arguably the Last Son of Krypton€™s most anticipated on-screen outing draws closer. Us superhero fanatics are no strangers to hype, but there are times when it leads only to bitter disappointment, as the resulting film flops like Clark Kent under a heavy dose of Kryptonite or, in some cases, never makes it to cinemas at all. Believe it or not, there are as many Superman movies lost in the depths of Development Hell are there are on Warner Bros€™ historic release slate - and fans can only wonder what might have been if some of these rejected ideas had been given the chance to fly. Nicolas Cage nearly donned the cape and spandex, Christopher Reeve once flirted with a fifth outing in red and blue, and Batman and Superman might have exchanged blows on screen many years earlier if things had gone according to plan. Supes has a knack for rising from the dead in comics, but here are six times when he failed to pull off the feat in Hollywood.

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