6 Awesome Villains Who’d Need To Be In A He-Man Movie

He Man If you're an '80 kid, or just someone who knows a top quality franchise when they see one, you must be forever awaiting a He-Man and the Masters of the Universe movie like I am. Last year, the rumour was that a potential He-Man and the Masters of the Universe movie was on the horizon, with Jon Chu in talks to direct. However, since then, it's all gone a little quiet on that front €“ the possibility of such a movie seemingly getting less and less likely with every passing moment. But we still want one, right? Nothing would be more amazing than a big screen modernisation of this beloved franchise. And it would also be pretty cool to introduce a new audience to the all-powerful man from Eternia, too. After all, the latest series of He-Man cartoons just weren't in the same league as the old Filmation spectacle we grew up with back in the day. But which villains should a movie use? There were countless weird and wonderful baddies in He-Man's gallery of rogues that could be chosen for a movie. However, only a handful should definitely be used (the rest can be a nice surprise). Here are 6 awesome villains who'd have to be in a He-Man movie, if ever a thing should get actually end up getting made...

6. Faker

Faker Appearing in the early Masters of the Universe episode called "The Shaping Staff," Faker is very different to the blue and more obviously robotic interpretation that was released as part of the franchise's toy-line. He's an exact physical replica of He-Man, created by Skeletor, with the same skin tone and armour as the real He-Man - the only physical differences being glowing eyes and a more hollow-sounding voice. The reason for this was primarily due to the artists at Filmation being able to cut costs by reusing He-Man's character model rather than drawing up a new one. He is presented as a magical creation rather than a robot like he is in the toy-line, appearing only in a five-minute sequence in which he is used to lure The Sorceress out of Castle Grayskull by pretending to be the real He-Man suffering from an injury. After a quick fight with the real He-Man, Faker charges at him and falls into the bottomless abyss of Grayskull, never to return for the rest of the series. He would make a great villain, and and could serve as a method of infiltration for the bad guys.

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