6 Bizarre Origins Of Iconic Twist Movie Endings

"Yes. I killed your father." Hang on, what?

Twists make for the most memorable cinematic experiences when done right, creating such a lasting WTF moment in the minds of audiences that they'll never be forgotten. Although many films have them, only a select few can pull off the switcheroo. It's a combination of great storytelling and not having your annoying older brother ruin it for you because he was old enough to see it at the time and you weren't.

Lesser movies either bungle the delivery, or the twist itself is unoriginal as hell (if I had a penny for every film where the main character realises they have split personality disorder...). These films are usually found riding the coattails of previous, trend-setting movies which showed Hollywood how it's done.

When they're done right, though, they go down in history, perpetuating themselves in the zeitgeist and finding themselves parodied until the cows come home. Young people today grow up knowing the twists to these classic films before they even see them themselves - thanks to The Simpsons, I knew Darth Vader was Luke's father long before I saw Empire.

But what about the stories behind the twists? How do cinema's great minds put these rug-pulling moments together? Well, you'd be surprised, as looking deeper at six of the most iconic twists of all time reveals some wonderfully interesting origins.

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