6 Cinematic Love Letters To Paris

Liberté, égalité, fraternité.

Cinema has indulged in a lengthy love affair with Paris, and who can blame it? Some places simply look gorgeous on film and Paris is certainly one of them. However, there€™s more to France's capital than appearances alone; beneath its good looks is a city filled with heart and soul. Whether telling tales of foreigners finding themselves (and often love) in the city, or sharing the stories of the capital€™s inhabitants, any filmmaker setting their movie in the City of Light can€™t help but cast it as one of its leading ladies. She is too big, too encompassing to simply fade into the background and act as a mere set against which a story is told. These six movies show the city€™s chameleonic nature - at once a beautiful tourist trap, a place of historical importance and a bustling modern metropolis, all just waiting to roll over and show its dark underbelly - through the eyes of native and foreigner filmmakers alike. In light of the recent tragic attacks on the city, let€™s all remember how beautiful, how inspiring, how strong Paris truly is.
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Jen is an actor, writer and clown, living and working in London.