6 Comedy Movies That Actually Turned Out To Be Super Depressing

Click Sometimes Hollywood filmmakers like to mess around with your perceptions for the sake of it. No, not with a mind-bending sci-fi flick or anything, but with something more... sinister. So you sit down to that comedy movie you've been wanting to watch based on that hilarious trailer where the protagonist ends up in many difficult yet hilarious situations and you begin tucking into your snacks, ready for a good laugh. But thirty minutes in you realise something is wrong: those difficult yet hilarious situations aren't hilarious at all, just difficult (and faintly heart-breaking) - and that main character whose flaws looked comical on the trailer turns out to be emotionally and mentally-crippled by those flaws. Don't forget that the loveable animal you saw on the poster has died and the kids keep crying about it, too. On top of all that, you haven't laughed once since the thing started. By the time the end credits roll around, you might just well find yourself leaning over to grab your handgun so you can turn it on yourself and end it all from the sheer shock of the entire experience. If you're looking at any of the movies included on this list for a laugh, then, consider yourself warned: these "comedies" are actually super depressing, despite the fact that most of them looked downright hilarious on paper...

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