6 Guilty Pleasure Films You Won't Believe These Famous Directors Enjoy

What 'guilty pleasure' films do otherwise respected directors secretly, or perhaps openly, enjoy... A handful of cinema's finest have let slip a few off-beat choices over the years.

When compiling lists of your favourite films it's always a trope of many cinephiles to put on their pretentious hat and cite the works of some long since forgotten Finnish auteur and their five hour bleak post-apocalypse kitchen sink endurance test as their number one choice. But really, the term 'favourite' doesn't necessarily - and shouldn't necessarily - equal artifice. The films that we really enjoy and keep coming back to are probably films we'd be a tad ashamed to put on our 'favourites' list, but, these are the films that bring us joy, that perk up our day when we're feeling down. Everytime some noted movie magazine polls the filmmaking community for their pick of the pops it becomes a pissing contest between directors about who can bilge up their top ten with the most numbingly knowingly pretentious fair. Now, that's not to say that the aforementioned Finnish film is a bad movie, but it's probably not going to really say that much about you as a person, it's no insight into your character. So, it's always refreshing when a respected film-maker, under whatever circumstances, be it of their own volition or otherwise, lets slip what one of their favourite cinematic (perhaps guilty) pleasures might be. Here are a few peeks into the quirkier tastes of cinema's greatest...
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