6 Movies That Predicted Horrific Disasters With Creepy Accuracy

Illuminati confirmed.

Armageddon 911
Buena Vista Pictures

Cinema has a reputation for "predicting the future", and a knack for showing you things that haven't actually happened yet. Whether it be a cutting-edge form of technology, a cultural shift in society that nobody saw coming, or even a major event, these things have a habit of showing up on screen well before their due date.

Take Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey as an example. That hit cinemas all the way back in 1969, but those Newspads used in the film certainly look a lot like iPads. Was it a prediction? Maybe not, but it's a fine example of cinema influencing technology, as it does so many different aspects of our lives. What appears on screen may seem like fantasy, both completely unbelievable and hopelessly distant in the future, but in fact it has every chance of manifesting itself in real life.

But sometimes this cinematic foreshadowing can have a somewhat more sinister side to it. To some, horrific events that shape the world may seem to come out of nowhere, but more diligent viewers claim they knew about such things long before they occurred.

How? Because the movies told them, of course.

Hidden messages, double meanings, cutaways that don't seem to make any immediate sense... keep your eyes peeled and your minds open, because these are the films that have more to say than you might think.


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