6 New Character Posters From THE HANGOVER 2

Earlier this week we reported on the remarkable ability of The Hangover 2 director Todd Phillips and his publicity team to keep the movie ever close to the headlines throughout the bulk of its production with soap-operatic tales of threatened cast mutinies over the least significant of cameos. Now, as the film approaches ever nearer, it appears a far more targeted brand of marketing is being employed as a series of character posters or banners are being released with a view to adorning the marijuana scented bedrooms of male undergraduates. All of the film€™s oafish male characters are depicted, in addition to a €œcomedy monkey,€ as Smith grafts a near identical premise onto a foreign location in attempt to eek just a little more of his tired, bawdy, laddish brand of comedy. See them below... Doubtless, the above posters are just the sort of thing that will appeal to its target audience. Expect to see posters a plenty at the freshers fair. Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms and Zach Galifianakis in Bangkok based hi jinx return to the multiplexes on May 26th.
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