6 Regrets Filmmakers Had Over Their Oscar Winning Movies

"Was it the best film of the year? I don't think so."

Winning an Oscar is the highest honour that can be bestowed upon a filmmaker; ask them to reflect on an Oscar-winning film they directed, wrote or starred in, and a typical response should be one of pride in their creation.

Everyone knows that the Academy Awards are never that simple though. With 89 ceremonies to go by, there've been a fair few controversies each and every year, with snubs, presenting mishaps and undeserving winners exemplifying awards season's premiere event almost every year. That means regret, and as filmmakers take the time to ruminate on their past successes and failures, quite a few have come out and stated what they feel went wrong with their projects - even if they were bestowed with Hollywood's highest honour.

It’s an odd situation no matter how you look at it, and with filmmakers regretting everything from specific sequences to behind the scenes drama, it proves that a whole lot of blood, sweat and tears goes into these productions.

Some, in rare occasions, bemoan the fact their project won where others should have.

With snubs, flubs, and controversy galore, the following films prove that, even if you win an Oscar, the story is far from over.

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