6 Seedy Horror Films To Blight Your Eyes With

Gore Gore Girls Some people would argue that due to their violent and often contentious matter, horror films are all inherently seedy. However there are certain films that take the genre to new heights of sleaziness. This is most commonly done in horror by mixing sex and violence, having a dodgy atmosphere or location or by concentrating on lingering acts of sadism and gratuitous bodily defilement. Some of these films can be highly enjoyable if you are in the mood for a sleaze fest or alternately, they can turn your stomach. I had a random look at my DVD collection to source out some seedy movies for your enjoyment... Or disgust depending on which way you swing.

6. Combat Shock (1986)

combat shock Combat Shock follows the travails of Ricky - a Vietnam vet who lives in poverty with his nagging wife and deformed baby (as a result of his exposure to Agent Orange). Ricky tries to get a job but is unsuccessful and the seedy, depraved world he inhabits begins to drive him mad and results in terrible tragedy. If ever there was a seedy, lowlife film to depress the life out of you, it is Combat Shock. It is distributed by Troma, who normally deal with more light hearted fare, but I think Lloyd Kaufman is exceptionally proud of this film and gives it an exalted place in the Troma canon. The film is excellent in evoking the sleazy downmarket part of New York (Staten Island apparently) which Buddy inhabits. There is nothing remotely uplifting in the film which is fun for gloom mongers like me. There is just an unrelenting sense of doom. But not every film needs to be uplifting to entertain. Well maybe entertain is the wrong word - perhaps fascinated is a better way to describe my viewing experience of Combat Shock. So seedy you will jump into a hot bath after watching it.
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