6 Things New To Netflix This Week (Nov 23)

Sit back and enjoy a lot of laughs, a Christmas tale and a drugs war.

Boffins reckon that at any one time there nearly 35,000 hours of content waiting to be watched on Netflix. Great if you've got three years to watch it all but if not then picking something worth your time is like trying to find an episode of Keeping Up with the Kardhasians that you can bare to sit through. Luckily, each week you'll find a list of recommendations to help you cut straight to the chase, from the most-talked about movies and TV shows, plus the kind of documentaries that'll have you updating your Facebook status about. This week Netflix throws up some classic characters from the Marvel universe, a forgotten love triangle from the guy behind The Breakfast Club and a real-life story that's so gritty it'll make your toes curl up while the hairs on the top of your toes stand on end.

6. Ultimate Spider-Man Season 3

Unless you're a grown man still watching Disney Channel there's every chance you haven't seen this. Season 3 of Ultimate Spider-Man sees Peter Parker join The Avengers. Yep, the movie moment we're all secretly hoping for has already happened on a kids cartoon network. Expect some familiar faces in Iron Man, Thor and Hulk as Marvel tests the popularity of their less mainstream characters like Ka-Zar who is basically Tarzan, Cloak & Dagger who sound like an 80s magic act and Amadeus Cho who will remind you of that Korean guy from The Hangover. You'll have a blast getting to know more about the Marvel universe than a couple of big-screen romps will allow while JK Simmons reprises his role from the Sam Raimi films as Daily Planet hard nut J. Jonah Jameson, Get your spidey-senses tingling, Ultimate Spider-Man Season 3 is streaming now.

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