6 Things New To Netflix This Week (Nov 30)

Christmas is coming, and Bill Murray's coming back

Winter is coming, and while you won't find Jon Snow and friends on Netflix, there's more than enough to keep even the most hard-to-please member of the Lannister family entertained on a cold night in Winterfell. This week prepare to feast on one of the most eagerly-awaited festive specials ever, as that bloke from Ghostbusters and Scrooged brings you more holiday cheer than you can shake a cracker at. If it's heroes and villains you're after, the Caped Crusader returns in a brand new animated adventure, while Will Smith is back in black as Agent J and the unofficial sequel to Friends is simply waiting to win you over. Throw in some award-winning British comedy and quite honestly, you've got yourself a top night in. December is the perfect time for a proper Netflix binge so grab your walnuts, sit back, and press play.

6. How I Met Your Mother Seasons 1-8

It's been ten years since the show that would-be Friends came to CBS and what better way to celebrate than with a How I Met Your Mother marathon? Fire up your tellybox or internet-enabled device and prepare yourself for a long night, wet weekend or an entire week with Ted and the gang in MacLaren's. And if HIMYM isn't a show that floats your boat (especially if you struggle to see Neil Patrick Harris as anyone other than Doogie Howser M.D.) then you're missing out on some seriously funny Emmy Award-winning comedy. Seasons 1 to 8 of How I Met Your Mother are heading to Netflix from December 3rd. While there's no sign of series 9 for now there are 184 episodes to keep you busy, including the Season One finale Come On!, The Platinum Rule in Season Three and The Time Travellers in Season Eight. More here.

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