6 Ways Disney Can Still Save Pirates Of The Caribbean 6

6. A Director Who Gets It

Madman Entertainment

Pirates is a film franchise where family-friendly fun meets action adventure. It seemed destined to be a modern-day Indiana Jones, but the tone has been misplaced in too many of the sequels. The first movie felt so confident in what it was. Sequels have not shared its sense of self.

Strangely, considering the cast was loaded with big names like Geoffrey Rush and Ian McShane, the actors always seemed to be having a blast. The director, less so. The films have taken themselves way too seriously of late, and fans have not responded well, which means somebody who can balance the serious with the silly needs to take the wheel. Someone like Taika Waititi, who did an excellent job with Thor: Ragnarok after Thor’s previous two dour solo efforts.

Seeing as Waititi likely has his hands full with Thor 4 and (hopefully) We’re Wolves, it’s unlikely to be him. But there are a lot of directors who could still take up the helm. Spielberg may be too pie in the sky, but obviously he could deliver on the Indiana Jones potential. Joss Whedon? Jon Favreau? Whoever it is, the Marvel formula certainly seems like one to mimic.


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