67 WTF Moments From The Terminator Franchise

From the highs of T2 to the low-point of "talk to duh hand"...

Over the last three decades, through good and bad, the Terminator series has reigned supreme as an iconic staple of pop-culture. Driven by Arnold Schwarzenegger's indelible performance, an irresistible premise and that unforgettable theme tune, the franchise continues to persist even if almost all will agree that its best days seem very much behind it. With Terminator Genisys now beginning to find its way to audiences, what better time to revisit the classic series and look at those moments which best made audiences think, "WTF!?" Of course, this response can be for a number of reasons: perhaps it's an awesome moment from T2, maybe it's a ridiculously goofy scene from T3, or even an absurd logical leap from Salvation. Even in its best years, the series has always been pretty eccentric, and so there are a ton of hysterical, weird, jaw-dropping and altogether memorable moments to keep your eyes and ears peeled for. Even the lesser movies still contain a perverse entertainment value that's difficult to deny. Without any further ado, here are 67 WTF moments from the Terminator franchise...

67. The T-X's Breast Enhancement - Terminator 3: Rise Of The Machines

A female Terminator certainly has its advantages over the male counterpart in terms of its ability to infiltrate, as illustrated early on when the T-X gets pulled over by the cops and, after noticing a Victoria's Secret billboard, decides to artificially inflate her breasts, heightening the chance that she can flirt her way out of a ticket. It pretty much seems to be a throwaway gag, though, because seconds later she tells the cop, "I like your gun" and presumably kills him anyway. Still, pretty funny, right?

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