7 70’s Sci-Fi Flicks Worth Checking Out

solaris tarkovski 1972

In the 1960s Stanley Kubrick reset the bar for cinematic science fiction in every aspect of the genre. Special effects were taken to another level, the genre was taken on by skilled and respected A-list directors and casts, and the Saturday matinee B-movie Martian invasion plots of the 1950s were transformed into intellectual explorations of not just the universe around us, but the depths of the human psyche as well.

We€™ll forgo the obvious candidates for any list of 1970s sci-fi movies€”Star Wars, Alien, Star Trek, Logan's Run, the Planet of the Apes movies. Much has been and is being written about them. We want to concentrate on seven movies you may have missed or forgotten about, thoughtful movies worth the rental or download. We will not include on this list 1972€™s Beware! the Blob directed by Larry Hagman. Yes, that Larry Hagman. You€™re on your own with that one. (For our list of 7 1970s Thrillers Worth Checking Out, click here.)

Not to be confused with the captain of the Enterprise, James Kirk is a writer and film buff who lives in South Carolina.