7 Amazing True Stories That Deserve To Be Made Into Films

2. Marathon

Some may not know the origins of marathons as a sporting event, but its roots are actually based in Ancient Greek history. During the first Persian invasion of Greece in 490 BC by King Darius I, his army landed by sea at the city of Marathon. A Greek runner by the name of Pheidippides was dispatched to Sparta to warn the city of the approaching invasion force and ask for assistance for the beleaguered Athenians who were also assisting in the battle. This myth has been confused throughout history, turning into the legend that Pheidippides sprinted from Marathon to Athens to spread the news of Greek victory; upon arriving and relaying the good news, the story goes that he dropped down dead. Either way, the modern sporting event was set up in Pheidippides' honour, covering the distance between Marathon and Athens - around 25 miles (40 km). How To Make It Whether filmmakers wished to adapt the truth or the legend, it'd make for a captivating period epic. The scale goes both large and small, covering both the Battle of Marathon and Pheidippides' impressive run. Who was Pheidippides? Why was he the best man for the job? What kept him going? Get someone like Darren Aronofsky behind the camera, and you could have an existentialist look at the life of a runner in the Greek military 500 years before the birth of Christ...
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