7 Awesome Actors Who Just Made 7 Bad Movies In A Row


John Travolta I Am Wrath
Saban Films

No matter how much an actor believes in a project or how committed their performance is, it's impossible to gauge exactly how a movie will turn out, and as such even the world's best talents have their blips every now and then.

Still, by the time an actor appears in four or five duds in a row, it's hard to blame it solely on bad luck. By that point, an actor most certainly doesn't care much about their work, and is probably just appearing in whatever scripts land across their agent's desk for an easy payday. They've gotta keep up those yacht payments somehow, right?

These actors, however, have done one better and appeared in a jaw-dropping seven bad movies in a row (at the very least), having fallen insanely far from their prior critical acclaim and awards success. Though for most actors it's a depressing sign of their falling stock with audiences, there are also those few monolithic, legendary performers who can just about afford to take supporting paycheck roles in awful movies without damaging their careers too much.

Note that voice acting roles and documentary appearances have been discounted from the list, because that's just way, way too easy.


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