7 Car-Crash Actors Whose Meltdowns Were Better Than Their Careers

7. Sean Young

doctor-jekyll-and-miss-hyde-1995-03-g Sometimes there's just so much you could say that the words make themselves scarce. Whatever happened to 1980s Hollywood starlit, Sean Young? After playing roles in Stripes and Blade Runner, Young seemed like she was on her way to becoming one of the most sought after A-lister's, being complimented continually for her looks and sweet demeanor. However, none of that was to happen. After the release of the forgettable romantic drama called The Boost in 1988, co-star James Woods would file a restraining order against Young and sue her for harassment against himself and his finance. The actress would get away with the crazy charges then by saying Woods was angry because she spurned his advances. What is apparently just Hollywood myth is that the suit was over Young gluing Woods manhood to his leg and leaving a disfigured doll on his doorstep. Then the unfortunate happened to Young. While on set rehearsing for Batman, she broke her arm while gearing up to play Vicki Vale and had to be replaced by Kim Basinger. From this point on her life would become an absolute mess. She has gone on in most recent years to be thrown out of almost every award ceremony and event she has attended. She has checked herself into rehab for alcoholism time and again and appeared on Letterman begging for work, describing her motherly relationship towards her sons while using a horsewhip, and jumping up and down while wearing a Catwoman suit (the same one she wore to beg Tim Burton for the part of Catwoman in Batman Returns), shouting "I'm not crazy." The Letterman incident is pretty dang sad, but to be fair, he did steer the questions purposely to make her look bad. Doesn't matter though in light of Sean Young being arrested again at the Oscars for slapping a security guard when he wouldn't let her into the show. It appears now that everyone's got the number for once great actress Sean Young... and they're not going to call it.

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